Thursday, September 22, 2005

Deutsch Delicate Democracy

German media is bemoaning the "delicacy" of Afghanistan's newfound democracy. They should look in the mirror.

Just 4 years ago, islamofascist-ruled Afghanistan was mired in barbarism and devastated by over 20 years of brutal warfare. Now they've had an election, and the country is blooming. Meanwhile Germany has no leadership, is controlled by commies and its economy is headed South.

Der Spiegel:

Afghanistan's Delicate Democracy

Afghan President Hamid Karzai beguiles his enemies to prevent the country from falling apart even further. Kabul, once a devastated city, is blossoming, and it owes part of its resurgence to investments by drug barons. Former Taliban leaders and communists could end up in the country's new parliament.

Sounds good to me - commies and former terrorists are ending up in parliament beacuse people are voting for them.

The new appeal of politics has even forced the truly powerful in this country to take part in the democratic process, in which every citizen has one vote -- despite the fact that, in many parts of the country, it is the tribal leaders who tell the local people for whom they should cast their ballots.

In previously devastated Kabul:

Traffic is unbearable, and construction is going on everywhere. There are 24-hour internet cafés, jeans shops and bars that serve alcohol, at least to foreigners, and business is booming for Chinese and Russian prostitutes.

By contrast, in democratic Germany:

...the post-communist Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) and a number of left-leaning, western-German malcontents -- got 8.7 percent of the vote. With that, they will send 54 delegates to the Bundestag, Germany's lower house of parliament. As expected, the party did even better in the states of former East Germany. Fully 25.4 percent of eastern Germans cast their votes for the Left Party -- fully 8.5 percentage points better than in 2002.

And of course:

German elections are over and both Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and his challenger Angela Merkel are claiming victory. In truth, both did poorly -- but they may end up leading Germany together anyway. It will be a coalition of the losers.

Compared with the Germans, the Afghans are doing a great job - they have splendid leadership, their commies and warlords are under control and their economy is booming. Germany should try this.