Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Let's Roll

Yesterday's post suggested that the Flight 93 memorial should be an American icon that celebrates the courage of the passengers, not an Islamic-flavored reminder of their deaths.

Michelle Malkin today identifies the usual suspects funding the travesty, and since attack is the best form of defense, here's my alternative suggestion, elaborated since yesterday.

The monument to be a series of figures in heroic proportion, along their lines of the Washington DC Korean War Memorial.

The creator of that monument, Frank Gaylord of Barre, Vt, be commissioned for the revised memorial.

The figures to represent the scene as perceived by the terrorists as their erstwhile captives fought back:

1. The Fighting Group
This would be the inner core of the memorial, made up of figures represenating the group of (extra)ordinary men and women advancing implacably on their tormentors.

2. The Other Passengers And Crew
This group would be immediately behind the Fighting group and be made up figures shown ministering for the wounded and composing the dead.

3. The Supporters Afar
This group would form a circle surrounding the above two, and would comprise figures representing the people who helped our at the end of phones - relations, friends, FBI, 911 operators.

I suggest the figures - perhaps 60 in total - be shown on a marble surface, with colored inserts symbolizing the layout of the plane.

As an optional extra, the target of the group might be shown as two crossed fragments of a broken red crescent, driven in to the ground.