Wednesday, September 14, 2005

London's Shoot-To-Kill Policy

The head of London's cops has reaffirmed this policy and the Marxists, libertarians and lefties are strangely silent - perhaps they've failed to come up with an alternative?

The story:

Police in London remain under orders to shoot to kill suspected suicide bombers despite the death of an innocent man in July, Sir Ian Blair, the head of Scotland Yard, said yesterday.

He told MPs that after reviewing the policy, which was drawn up in secret after the attacks in America on September 11, 2001, he could see no alternative approach that would help protect Londoners from terrorists.

Sir Ian defended what he called a ‘shoot to protect’ policy "It is the least worst option," he said in evidence before the Commons home affairs select committee.

He's entirely right, but that didn't stop weeks of howls from the lefty Brit Times, the Marxists and the libertarians when the policy led to the accidental death of an illegal immigrant.

I'd like to think that they've spent the last several weeks figuring out that none of the alternatives work:

1. Shoot-to-cut-the-straps-of-the-backpack-bomb.
Very hard, lots of stray bullets hitting civilian bystanders, the bomber detonates anyway.

2. Shoot-to-flesh-wound.
Like in Westerns. Quite hard, and the bomber still detonates.

3. Shoot-to-miss.
Easy, but hits bystanders. OK, they have lesser civil liberties, but the bomber still detonates.

Life's a bitch if you're a moonbat.