Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The March To Irish Civil War

In Northern Ireland, Blair caused the flight to the extremes by rewarding the IRA killers with concessions and requiring none in return. Now, inevitably, the march to civil war begins.

The IRA and the community supporting it are identical to the Sunnis in Iraq. A minority supported across a porous border (from the Irish Republic rather than Syria), they have slaughtered their way to dominance. Unsurprisingly, the majority of Northern Ireland's population now begins to fight back.

The Government said last night that it no longer recognized the Ulster Volunteer Force's ceasefire after a summer of murders and its orchestration of the loyalist violence that has swept Northern Ireland.

Mr Hain had little option but to bow to pressure to "specify" the UVF by saying that its ceasefire, which has lasted 11 years, had ended. The decision closes channels of communication between the UVF and the authorities and makes it easier for police to arrest Protestant terrorists released under the Good Friday Agreement if they commit crimes.

But he risks further inflaming loyalists, who will accuse him of double standards by failing to take similar action against the IRA after the £26 million Northern Bank raid and the Robert McCartney murder.

Quite, not to mention 11 years of broken IRA ceasefires.

The only thing standing in the way of serious conflict has been the decency of the Protestant people. If they can see a future that in which they are overwhelmed, they will follow in the IRA's footsteps and take the sword to Blair, the Irish Republic, the IRA, and its supporters.

Never, never negotiate with terrorists.