Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Rage of the Dispossessed US Dominant Minority

The great historian Arnold Toynbee explains the rage of the American left – it’s a dispossessed dominant minority that believes that its divine right to rule has been stolen!

In his “Study of History”, Toynbee analyzes all 21 successful civilizations, from Egypt through Babylon to the West. Updated in 1945, it’s ten dense volumes - I read the abridged
two-volume set, hard going, but worth the (8 week) effort.

Toynbee shows that civilizations begin, grow, decline and die in the same way. They are created by stress, grow through inspired leadership, begin to decay during a “time of troubles” (for example the Roman Punic war), and decline through an Indian Summer of what he calls a Universal State. Then they die.

He’s weak on the effects of democracy on this cycle of birth and death – it’s a new phenomenon, only present in one of the 21 civilizations (ours), and in what follows I’ve extended his model to account for democratic self-renewal (e.g. Reagan, Thatcher).

Toynbee shows that as a civilization begins to decay, its ruling class ceases to lead and becomes oppressive. He labels it a “dominant minority”, which rules over an increasingly disaffected “proletariat”. The Caesars after Augustus were a dominant minority - Caligula is an example.

Members of a dominant minority break the law or social codes with impunity – Caligula married his sister. If we look at the US, some members of a dominant minority are easily visible:

- Edward Kennedy left a woman to drown. That’s at least negligent manslaughter, but he’s never spent a minute in court.

- John Kerry negotiated with the North Vietnamese while it was at war with the US, and he held a commission in the US Navy. That’s treason, but he has not had to account for it.

- The US MSM routinely violates social norms, for example displaying images of the dead and suing to retain the right to do so.

These examples are visible because the perpetrators are politicians and media. They probably represent the tip of an iceberg.

This US dominant minority is made up of rich East Coast WASPs and their MSM lieutenants. If the US was like all earlier 21 civilizations, this group would be running the US for the next few centuries as it declined and then died. But US democracy has changed the rules and the leadership has passed to a new multi-ethnic group drawn from all classes.

The dominant minority’s loss of power explains its sheer rage – from their perspective, they’ve been robbed of their birthright! How can an “uppity nigger” distinguish the Supreme Court by his presence? How can an aged film actor or a swaggering cowboy run the nation better than they could? What right have a bunch of pajama clad amateurs to breach the MSM’s monopoly? What right has the nobody Bolton to beat up on their sacred UN? And so on.

They hate because they’ve been robbed!