Sunday, September 25, 2005

Remember Gaza?

The MSM exulted when Israel removed all of its people from Gaza - including many who had lived there for decades. Now the Palestinians use their new base to attack Israeli civilians and all is silence until the Israelis retaliate. Sensible Israelis will conclude that concessions give them nothing.

The Jerusalem Post reports (my ellipsis):

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon responded strongly to the firing of over 40 Kassam rockets over the weekend...At least six Israelis have been wounded in the barrages.

MyWay's front page doesn't mention these attacks, of course. But they'll soon howl at the Israelis beating the crap out of their tormentors - the Brit MSM is already on that job.

Israel mobilised thousands of troops for a potential re-entry to the Gaza Strip yesterday, vowing to "crush" Palestinian militants, less than two weeks after its last soldiers departed the territory in a historic withdrawal.

Troops began to mass on the border with Gaza while others had their leave canceled as Israeli jets carried out repeated air strikes on Palestinian militants.

The new cycle of violence began later on Friday at a military-style Hamas rally to trumpet what the militant group sees as its achievement in driving Israelis from Gaza.

Here's the "cycle":
1. Israelis give up territory to the Palestinians.
2. Palestinians use that territory to attack on Israeli civilians.
3. Israelis whack their attackers to stop them doing it again.

I'm just an engineer - not a journo - but this looks to me like a sequence, not a cycle.

Sensible Israelis will conclude that concessions make them less safe, and that will be really bad news for the MSM's pet Palestinians.