Thursday, September 08, 2005

Selfish Germany

The selfishness that's central to German character is on display in their current election campaign. Schroeder's opponent, Angela Merkel, is being accused by the German MSM of the crime of borrowing parts of her speech from the "cowboy", Ronald Reagan. Selfish nations make lousy allies and the sooner our troops are out the better.

To see their selfishness at a personal level, try walking along a German sidewalk. People never give way to eachother and will walk straight into you. They don't apologize & they don't look at you - one time a German matron charged right into my heavily bandaged arm rather than share the sidewalk.

From the WSJ (subscription, my ellipsis):

...German media outlets are...accusing (Merkel) of borrowing the Gipper's best lines...

The weekly Spiegel on its website tries to put down Reagan by saying he was primarily known for "massive defense spending rises, tax cuts and welfare cuts."

Have Germans forgotten that they owe their free and united country to Reagan?

One would think that Germans ought to have fond memories of the not-insignificant role Ronald Reagan played in reuniting their country. Standing before Berlin's Brandenburger Gate in 1987, he spoke this immortal line: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

They haven't forgotten, they're just selfish. We'll never be able to rely on them, let's complete our troop withdrawals ASAP.