Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Truth Emerges

You must look at this excellent eyewitness picture sequence of the events in New Orleans – hat tip Rotty.

The pictures explain what happened and how it happened & confirm the hysteria of the US MSM.

The pictures were taken by Alvaro, a young Nicaraguan guy, between Sunday August 28, immediately before the storm and his escape to Houston on (I think) Friday September 2. He did an excellent job, producing first-rate pictures and giving an incisive and informative commentary.

The pictures show a modest calamity causing problems to not-very-smart people of all colors - not the enormous inescapable disaster the MSM depicted.

  • People evacuated well and businesses boarded up fine.

  • Many tourists ignored the evacuation order.

  • Compared with other hurricanes I’ve been in, damage was moderate.

  • National Guard troops were on the streets on Monday - soon after the storm hit.

  • There was an eerie calm after the storm passed and before the levees broke – people wandered about sightseeing.

  • The flooding was gradual and not as extensive as news reports said (of course the guy was on foot, so couldn’t cover the very flooded areas).

  • The police did not try to stop looting, which was clearly criminal – apparel, sporting goods, jewelery, TV sets.

  • Alvaro and his buddy were able to drive out to the city west to Houston.