Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The BBC's Final Solution

The BBC's hatred of the US is well known, but did you know that it is also rabidly anti-semitic? And that it has convinced Brits that Israel is a dictatorship?

BBC radio stations feed "Middle England" with traffic reports, weather, news feeds and comment pieces 24*7.

Here's an example of a recent informational broadcast the BBC billed as follows:

'File On Four’s prestigious reporter, Gerry Northam, uncovers the myths and realities of anti-semitism in Britain today, through the controversial activities of its defence organisation, the Jewish Community Trust. This is the first time the story has been told of British Judaism’s “private volunteer army” – its security operations, training, intelligence-gathering and influential (hyped and hysterical, critics say) reports on anti-semitism.'

The program used the old trick of selection of information and mislabeling - the "Jewish Community Trust" they refer to is the Community Security Trust (CST), a partner with Brit law enforcement (my ellipsis)

...the (London) Metropolitan and Manchester police promote the CST, rely upon it and regard it as a model for community action; ...the Home Affairs Select Committee (Brit Parliament's oversight of its DoJ) lauded it and advised the Muslim Council of Britain to ask it for help;...the European Union Monitoring Centre has recommended its systems to European governments and law enforcement agencies and...the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is using it for training NGOs and law enforcement agencies.

The program "proved" that anti-semitism was not a problem in the UK using assertions (not data) from an opponent of Sharon, a Jewish peacenik, and a Muslim nutter. The nutter belongs to the Muslim Association of Britain that in July demonstrated against the Brit liberation of Iraq, right next to the crews cleaning off the blood of our 7/7 dead.

But anti-semitism is rife in the UK - here's what Brits said in a recent poll (my ellipsis)

(Israel) is the country least deserving of international respect. Despite being the only fully democratic state in the Middle East, it is also thought to be among the world's "least democratic countries".

So the Brits not only believe the brave state of Israel to be undemocratic, but that the corrupt fear states of Iran, Saudi Arabia etc are democratic & are more deserving of respect - places where they hang kids in the town square for being raped, and stone women to death using rocks carefully chosen to prolong their agony.

This brutal ignorance didn't just appear in Brits' minds - it was designed and implanted. So, who did this? Not Brit pols - many support Israel. Not the Brit MSM - it's too diffuse to carry a doublethink message like this one.

The BBC did it, carefully and deliberately.