Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blair Loses The Plot

On the day that the Tory Party decided they don't want an anti-American EUnuch to lead them, Blair announced his next big idea - busing. Giving up on trying to fix lousy schools, he's going to bus kids from them to better schools. If the Tories elect anyone half decent, they'll win the next election easily.

The story (my ellipsis):

Free bus travel for children from council estates (same as US Projects) will be announced next week as part of the Government's effort to end the middle class stranglehold on popular schools.

Groups of schools will be allowed to test children and put them into ability bands, sharing out the most and least able so that their intakes reflect the profile of the local authority or national area.

Although the "fair banding" system will not be compulsory, the Government will strongly encourage schools to adopt it to end the so-called admission by postcode lottery (kids going to their local school), which rewards those families that can afford to move closest to schools with the best reputation.

Research has shown that schools in middle class areas have a higher proportion of top band children.

I guess Tony has never talked to the President about this. Which is a shame because he'd have learned that the (extensive) US experience of busing is that it damages communities because parents of bused kids can no longer support their local school, that it causes mass flight to private schools, that the bused kids hate the experience and show no academic improvement.

If he can't fix the schools on the Council Estates, he should resign.