Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cognitive Dissonance

This occurs when individuals hold completely contradictory opinions:

For example (WSJ, subscription, my emphasis):

October 19 BAGHDAD, Iraq -- When Saddam Hussein stands trial here today with his life on the line, his lawyers intend to pursue a bold strategy: shift the focus from Mr. Hussein to U.S. actions in Iraq.

His lawyers say their goal is to politicize the trial by turning attention from the killings Mr. Hussein stands accused of to the death and destruction wrought by American troops. They even intend to accuse the U.S., as onetime supporter of Iraq, of complicity in some of Mr. Hussein's alleged crimes.

But then (my emphasis):

October 22 -- All 12 defense lawyers in the Saddam Hussein trial refused Iraqi Interior Ministry offer of protection after the kidnap-murder of their colleague, Sadoon al-Janabi.

They called for US protection, suspecting Shiite elements in the Iraqi police of killing Sunni Arabs.

When the 12 have been whittled down a bit, the survivors will probably plead to be housed in Abu Ghraib.