Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dauntless Dutch

After an uncertain start, the Dutch are telling their muslim population that it's the Dutch way or the highway. So there's hope for Europe yet.

Here are the new rules they've set for immigrants, following the murder of Theo van Gogh and the disgraceful muslim behavior that followed.

1. Immigrants must pass an exam on Dutch language and culture before being allowed to move to the Netherlands. That does not apply to immigrants from US, Canada, Australia, Japan and other EU states.

2. Legal immigrants already there must take a Dutch language course at their own expense.

3. Immigrants guilty of any minor crime, such as shoplifting, during their first three years in the country can be deported.

4. People can bring in a husband or wife only once they are 24 years old, and do not depend on welfare benefits. The measures are aimed at curbing international arranged marriages.

5. 26,000 illegal immigrants are being deported, some of whom have been in the country for ten years and have established families.

6. Clampdown on foreign imams working in mosques. They must show their appreciation of Dutch values.

7. Increase in sentences for a range of crimes, and introduction of “zero tolerance” policing to cities such as Rotterdam.

8. Tightening of rules on cannabis-selling coffee-shops and zero-tolerance approach to infringements. About half the coffee shops in Amsterdam have closed.

This is a fine model for the rest of Europe, including the UK.