Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fitzgerald Changes History

The special prosecutor has decapitated the US administration, very neatly given that he's found no underlying crime. Glasses will be raised to him in Iran (for a while), France, Mexico, Russia, China, SCOTUS and George Galloway's pad.

The London Times:

...the indictment of Mr Libby by Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor examining the unmasking of CIA operative Valerie Plame, bodes ill for Mr Bush.

There is the specter of his Vice-President, Dick Cheney, being forced to take the witness stand. It will claim untold hours of Administration time and energy; likewise the continuing investigation into Mr Rove, Mr Bush’s senior adviser. The inquiry’s demands on Mr Rove have already brought the White House close to paralysis. During Mr Bush’s first term, little moved without Mr Rove’s say-so. And with him tied up with lawyers, little appears to be moving at all.

This is not a good time for Mr Bush to be distracted. His ambitious second-term domestic agenda of pension and tax reform is on life support. A bellicose and would-be nuclear Iran needs careful handling. Middle East peace is far from a reality.

The French are delighted because this gives them more than they ever dreamed of from their Niger yellowcake setup - more in a later post. With the administration tied in knots, there will be no change to US immigration policies and no Social Security reform. The Iranians, Russians & Chinese will continue their arms buildups unchallenged by the US and the Dems will stop a conservative getting on to SCOTUS.

George Galloway is safe. If the US tries to extradite him, a Brit judge will have to decide if he's going to face a civilized legal system. Galloway will point at Fitzgerald's leaks and abusive procedures, plus the 50-year jail sentences Fitzgerald has threatened Libby with. The Brit judge will conclude that this the same as an extradition to, say, Russia and nix it.

Fitzgerald has changed the world - not bad for a Brooklyn-born son of Irish immigrants.