Friday, October 28, 2005

A House Divided Cannot Stand

Lincoln used this quote from the Scriptures when speaking of the Civil War. Less eloquently, the moonbats are calling the President a "lame duck with a broken right wing" - hat tip Mike's America. They're right and the broken right wing doesn't get it.

Conservatives were heartened by yesterday's withdrawal of the Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination and say it has given President Bush a fresh start to unite his conservative base for the judicial, legislative and election battles to come.

The move ends a bitter family fight with his conservative supporters that Mr. Bush could ill-afford while he and his party were under fierce attack on a growing number of political fronts.

Actually, it's the Republican Party that "could ill afford these attacks" - Mr. Bush will be back in Crawford in 3 years, while his attackers need to persuade people to keep voting for them.

Brits have been through this. After the left wing of the Tory Party backstabbed Maggie, the party destroyed itself. Led by incompetents, it wrecked the Brit economy and the reputation of their party with it. The Labour Party has been the natural party of government ever since, and looks to stay that way.