Sunday, October 16, 2005

Iranian Rocket Science

Either the Iranians have a fiendish plan to deceive us that they're incompetent, or they really are incompetent.

The London Telegraph:

North Korea has developed a missile, the Taepo Dong 2, that could reach America's west coast, based on the submarine-launched Soviet SSN6. Modifications allow it to be fired from a land-based transporter and this technology is being smuggled to Teheran with Russian help.

Russians have provided production facilities, diagrams and operating instruction so the missile can be built in Iran. Liquid propellant has been shipped to Iran. Russian specialists have also been sent to Iran to help development of its Shahab 5 missile project, which the Iranians hope to have operational by the end of the decade.

Liquid propellant? They must be joking! It's highly corrosive and needs to be pumped in just prior to launch, which means as soon as a US or Israeli recon satellite spots the Elf Petroleum tanker pull up, they'll pop the whole lot with a Maverick from the local Predator.

And even if the Mullahs do manage to snap a launch off, here's the area the Shahab 5 will threaten:

shahab 5

Now, unless they want to be Windexed by the Israelis, they're only going to use this weapon for threats.

I can just see it.

"Great Satan, you must make the filthy Jews pull back from number 26, Jordan View, West Bank, or Moscow, Berlin and Paris get it!"