Friday, October 21, 2005

Republicans For Hillary

After promising to keep an open mind, the WSJ has joined the right-wing sniping against Harriet Miers. The winner is the next President, now likely to be a Democrat.

The WSJ, oozing condescension (subscription):

The impression has been created, fairly or not, that Ms. Miers is simply not able to discuss the Constitutional controversies that have animated American political debate for two generations.

We sympathize with Ms. Miers, who is an accomplished woman with many admirable qualities.


These idiots on the right have created three options for themselves:

1. They unite with the Democrats to defeat the president's pick.

2. They force him to withdraw her & nominate a strong conservative, who is then filibustered by the Dems protected by the RINOs in the Gang of 14.

3. After doing maximum damage to the reputation of the GOP, they grudgingly OK Miers.

All options will dishearten Republican activists.
I wager that options 1 and 2 will lead to a Dem Congress in 2006 and President in 2008 - the activists will have no desire to get out the vote for backstabbers and losers.
Option 3 will be damaging too, but with luck and skill the President may leave office with a Job Well Done sticker - a peaceful and democratic Iraq, bin Laden and Saddam gone, and the economy good. In which case his successor has a fighting chance against Hillary, who IMHO will be the Democratic candidate.

All this is a self-inflicted wound. The US needs less, not more, "experts" on SCOTUS - Scalia and Thomas are sufficient for the entire court. We just need reliable, normal people like Miers who won't read non-existent laws into the Constitution.
All of the above is why I support the Miers nomination.