Monday, October 17, 2005

The Silence Of The The MSM

You'd have thought that after all the fuss they've made about quagmires, civil war and mass killings, the MSM would lead with the successful Iraqi Constitution vote. Sadly, it ain't so.

Here's the score as of now for the the online news sources I monitor, in order of denial (high to low):

Drudge: No mention, although it headlines a story about US crime being the lowest for 30 years: "16,137 MURDERS, 94,635 RAPES A YEAR IN USA".

Strib: Nothing on home page but News/World has: "Iraq: U.S. bombs 2 villages".

London Telegraph: Second story: "US kill militants".

WaPo: Leads: "Progress Made in Iraq, But Challenges Remain".

London Times: Fifth story: "Big turnout in Iraq poll".

NYT: Third story: "Strikes Kill 70 Insurgents, U.S. Says, as Vote Count Continues".

La Times: Leads with "Iraq Constitution Appears Headed Toward Approval"

A democratic and peaceful Iraq is now very likely, and a democratic and peaceful Middle East is for the first time probable. The President's strategy is vindicated, and the sacrifices of the people who died to achieve this makes some sense.

This is the biggest news in years, but the 16,000 controllers of the just can't bring themselves to say so.


Surprisingly, the English version of Der Diegel suddenly has zero coverage of Iraq.