Monday, October 24, 2005

Those Poor Chickens

The bird-flu plague is ravaging Europe:

Shining a light on seamy (probably French) parrot-pushers:

The sale of imported wild animals, including birds, is believed to be the biggest illegal trade in the EU after drugs and guns.

Exposing innocent Brit-birds to the horror of Survivor reruns :

Mr Bennett said it was also time to consider whether to poultry farmers should bring their birds indoors, a measure that could have a devastating effect on the 'free-range' industry.

Exposing impressionable Swede-birds to whimsical Swedish interior decor:

Sweden has detected bird flu in a dead duck west of Stockholm and advised farmers to keep birds indoors.

And revealing a surprising Macedonian penchant for post-modern irony:

Macedonia sent a dead chicken for tests in London on Friday.