Monday, November 07, 2005

Choosing Your Charity

Not quite what I had in mind for my donation to the Red Cross Katrina fund.

Via Independent Conservative, hat tip Michelle Malkin:

Three New Orleans men arrested on drug charges at a Gwinnett County hotel told officers that they supported their drug habit with money from the American Red Cross and FEMA, police said.

(One) suspect...told authorities he had two hotel rooms and one home in Stone Mountain. He said he supported his $20-a-day drug habit with money from FEMA and the Red Cross but that he needed the money to "start over." (He) stated that he and others like him deserved the money because they are from New Orleans.

The Red Cross is a big outfit and can't track what people do with money it gives them.

If it happens again (I hope not), I'll donate to a smaller charity that provides goods and direct support rather than cash.