Sunday, November 13, 2005

Italian Slurs

A new development in the Italian CIA terrorist kidnapping case- prosecutors now claim the CIA kidnap team was not 13 but 22! Guys, the CIA may be overstaffed, but this is ridiculous.

The report:

Prosecutors have requested Italy seek the extradition of 22 suspected CIA agents over the kidnapping of a terrorism suspect, grabbed off a street in 2003 and taken abroad, a judicial source in Italy said on Friday.

Prosecutors in the northern city of Milan believe that the CIA was behind the disappearance of Egyptian-born imam Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, also known as Abu Omar.

They say he was grabbed off a Milan street and flown from a U.S. air base in northern Italy to Egypt, where they suspect he may have been tortured under interrogation by Egyptian security officials.

A Milan judge has issued an arrest order for Nasr, who is believed to be still in Egyptian custody.

At 22 kidnappers for each of the estimated 10,000 Muslim terrorists in Europe, that's 220,000 kidnappers. Assuming that each kidnapper needs the support of 5 people at CIA in Langley (leaking against the administration, filing lawsuits, writing exposes, recommending family members for assignments, lunching the State Department etc), that's 1.1 million just in the kidnapping business!

Where do these Italian guys think Langley is? Brussels?