Friday, November 18, 2005

Light Blogging and RINOs

We travel to Italy tomorrow, after which (Telecom Italia willing) it's dial-up for a couple of weeks, so blogs may be terser.

It looks like the cut-and-runners may back off, so there's hope yet. James Lilek's is even madder than I am, see his interview on the Hugh Hewitt show, hat tip Betsy Newmark on Michele Malkin - it has this excellent rant:

If it's more important for them to be elected Senator, so they can live a nice, comfortable life, ensconced in Washington, with all the perks and privileges, while the future of the country actually goes circling down the rat hole because they were too busy worrying about their pensions, well, then, maybe it's time for them best to step aside. At this point, I'm on board with a unicameral legislature. I'm frankly okay with just bricking up the door to the Senate entirely, and letting the lower house figure things out.

Those pesky RINOs are getting to us all - I vented my irritation by brutally kicking an inoffensive dehumidifier, with seriously bad effects to my big toe - as I write this, said toe is elevated and wrapped with a pack of frozen peas.

Anyway, if Lilek need help in walling off the Senate, I can lay a neat brick - not Flemish Bond or anything fancy, but nobody will get out...

Note for Brits: RINO = Republican In Name Only