Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Prince Charles Speaks

Charles has issued his call for the US to Do Something about global warming. He's a good man, but needs help with his presentation - it's impossible to figure out what he thinks is wrong and what he wants the US to do about it.

Speaking in San Francisco:

"We simply cannot go on as we are," he told guests at the De Young Museum in San Francisco Bay.

Why not? people are getting richer & living longer, the world is cleaner and there hasn't been a major war for 60 years.

"An important first step will be to stop arguing about how we got into this situation, or indeed, about whether the situation exists at all, and start thinking creatively about what we need to do to start putting things right before it is too late.

Yipes! If the situation (I'm guessing he means global warming) doesn't exist then there's nothing to "put right".

And if it does exist, then we absolutely need to understand how we got into it - if it's part of the solar cycle then shutting down our power plants won't help.

Finally his call for "we" to start thinking creatively is really irritating - he means "you", the US.

Still, Camilla sounds a splendid person and hopefully she'll help him sharpen up his speeches.