Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Silence Of the Chickens

The MSM is obsessing about how bird flu will magically mutate into a virus that magically kills millions humans. But what about the chickens who really do have the flu? If Huntington Life Sciences were infecting them, commie nutters would be nuking the NYSE! It's time for Hillarycare.

“The Bush administration has failed to implement a national poultry health care program, and the consequences have come home to roost,” said Sen. Clinton, a noted health policy expert. “Each year, more than 200 million baby American chickens come into this world without federally-managed health insurance, not to mention the turkeys, ducks, geese and guinea hens.”

“The bird flu pandemic just highlights the fact that there are really two Americas,” she said. “In the first America, insured humans schedule visits at the doctor’s office. But in the second America, fuzzy little chickens hopelessly wait in long lines for basic health care that should be their birthright.”

If I recall the human/chicken ratio by state correctly, and assuming that chickens will by then have the vote. this is going to guarantee a Hillary win in Arkansas in 08.