Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Suffering Of Brit Muslim Women

This example of the Brit Muslim’s community’s oppression of women confirms Theodore Dalrymple’s diagnosis. It shows that, in addition to the measures in the earlier post, Brits should ban arranged marriages, and deport immigrant murderers.

It happened in Oxford, a pleasant town in the south of England, home to the famous university. It’s also home to a poorly integrated Muslim
immigrant community (my ellipsis):

For daring to fall in love with a Muslim girl, an Oxford student was stabbed 46 times by her vengeful family, who showed no remorse yesterday as they were convicted of the teenager’s murder.

The girl’s father, Chomir Ali, 41, who bullied his two young British-born sons into killing Arash Ghorbani-Zarin, 19, boasted that the murder was to "vindicate the family’s honour" after the popular engineering student made Ali’s daughter pregnant.

Her family victimized the young woman for behaving like many other Brits of her age:

Rather than wear a Muslim headdress, she preferred to dress in jeans and hooded tops. When her father learnt of her relationship he stopped her from going to school or talking to anyone outside the family.

When her older brother, Muji, saw her with her boyfriend in a local shop he attacked her, hitting her three times in the face and threatening her partner.

She tried to escape but the family recaptured her.

(She) defied her father’s demand that she marry a man she had never met in Bangladesh and tried to kill herself after her family held her prisoner at home. Her father even tried to stop paramedics getting into the house to take his daughter to hospital after she slashed her wrists.

Days later, in October last year, she ran away after secretly getting engaged, but was forced to return to the family home.

The murderer matches Dalrymple’s stereotype:

The jury at Oxford Crown Court was told how Muji Rahman was a swaggering bully who, while condemning his sister’s behaviour for flouting the family’s strict Muslim code, had had sex before marriage, drank alcohol and rarely bothered to go to the mosque. After the killing in November last year he went out clubbing with friends in Oxford city centre.

The woman’s torment continued after they had murdered her lover:

Police described how, after the murder, (she) was forced into terminating her pregnancy.

The murderers will get life imprisonment – probably only 8 years in the UK – but that should give her time to escape.

Here’s the bigger picture:

Police say there is one honour killing a month.

They are reinvestigating 109 cases of women who disappeared or apparently committed suicide, to see if they were honour killings.

Women murdered in so-called honour killings come mainly from the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities but there are cases from Bosnia, Kosovo and Turkey.

Suicide rates among Asian (Muslim) women aged 16 to 24 are nearly three times the national average, and double for 25 to 35-year olds.

Police are approached every week by an average of four women or girls who fear they will be victims of 'honour attacks' by family.

The survival and prosperity of all Brits requires that Muslim females grow up as equal members of society. In addition to the measures
proposed yesterday, arranged marriages must be criminalized and immigrant murderers deported after serving their sentences.