Thursday, November 03, 2005

Those Pesky Muslim Rioters

The riots of young Muslims in France and Denmark neatly confirm the Dalrymple/Fukuyama theory. The young men have abandoned their Muslim culture for depraved western lifestyles and just want their host societies to finance them and let them oppress their women. They need a bit of tough love to put them straight.

A note of caution - it isn't Paris that's burning, just the nasty ghettos (AKA cités, same as US housing projects, Brit council estates) that ring Paris, into which no sensible French person would venture. Plus French cars don't burn, they melt. So no big deal.

On the other hand, the riot in Denmark does seem pretty serious, since the hyper-civilized Danes just don't do rioting.

The rioters in both countries want to share the wealth of their adopted societies, but come from a culture that doesn't create wealth. So they feel degraded, as they indeed are, and seek money and control of their women.

"When the girls wear the headscarf, it symbolizes that they accept all the conditions that Islam mandates. And all the Muslim girls who do not do it are designated by Islamists as being at fault," says Anne-Elisabeth Moutet.

In the schools in the cités, many of which are predominantly Muslim, girls who do not wear the scarf are seen as whores and potential targets of violence. Gang rapes are common there. "They become fair game for violence,"

The solution is to deny the rioters both money and control. Cut off their social security payments and ship the girls that so wish off to boarding schools.