Wednesday, November 16, 2005

True Martyrdom

To a Muslim, martyrdom is murder/suicide, but to a Christian it's suffering for their belief. Since Christianity created the modern world and Islam is confined to failed societies, the Christians seem to have the better strategy, as their current persecutors in North Korea and Saudi Arabia will discover.

The readiness of early Christians to face terrible deaths in the Roman arenas rather than give up their religion converted the Roman empire to Christianity and created our societies. But martyrdom didn't end there, and barbarians have been torturing and killing Christians ever since.

North Korea:

A woman in her 20s executed by a firing squad after being caught with a Bible. Five Christian church leaders punished by being run over by a steamroller...

The congressional report detailing this is here and the president tells the world:

"Satellite maps of North Korea show prison camps the size of whole cities," Mr. Bush said. "We will not forget the people of North Korea."

Saudi Arabia (my emphasis):

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) -- A court sentenced a teacher to 40 months in prison and 750 lashes for "mocking religion" after he discussed the Bible and praised Jews, a Saudi newspaper reported yesterday.

A 2003 report by the U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom, the world's only government-sanctioned entity to investigate and report religious-freedom violations, named Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest violator of religious liberties.

These two depraved societies are going learn the Roman lesson - oppressing belief makes it stronger.