Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Unremarked Terror In Our Midst

Animal Liberation swampys are up there with al Queda. They don't agree with experiments on animals, and have been trying to put the leading Brit provider of these animals out of business. They attack employees of companies that do business with their target. In the UK, they shut of HLS's bank finance, and then prevented it going public by attacking investors. It almost got listed in the US but then their US cells turned up the heat on the market maker and investors and the NYSE bolted. Busting these fanatics has to be part of the GWOT.

Here's the FBI:

The “secondary” or “tertiary” targeting of companies which have business or financial relationships with the target company typically takes the form of fanatical harassment of employees and interference with normal business operations, under the threat of escalating tactics or even violence. The harassment is designed to inflict increasing economic damage until the company is forced to cancel its contracts or business relationship with the original target.

Internationally, the best example of this trend involves Great Britain’s Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) organization, a more organized sub-group within the extremist animal rights movement. SHAC has targeted the animal testing company HLS and any companies with which HLS conducts business.

Investigation of SHAC-related criminal activity has revealed a pattern of vandalism, arsons, animal releases, harassing telephone calls, threats and attempts to disrupt business activities of not only HLS, but of all companies doing business with HLS. Among others, these companies include Bank of America, Marsh USA, Deloitte and Touche, and HLS investors, such as Stephens, Inc., which completely terminated their business relationships with HLS as a result of SHAC activities. Examples of SHAC activities include publishing on its website as a regular feature "Targets of the Week" for followers to target with harassing telephone calls and e-mails in order to discourage that company or individual from doing business with HLS.

The ALF uses car bombs - they seriously injured a baby a while back. It operates in places where concealed carry is not allowed - California, the UK, New York, Massachusetts. Messrs Bush and Blair should add the Animal Rights terrorists to the GWOT targeting plan.