Thursday, November 10, 2005

You Can't Fool All Of The People

Here's why the US print MSM's circulation is tanking. A poll confirms that only half of Americans now believe the press reports fairly on the president. A business perceived by half of its customers to sell shoddy goods is doomed.

Only half see press as fair to Bush

About 50 percent of Americans say the Bush administration is being treated fairly by the press, the lowest number since President Bush was elected, and an increasing percentage say the press is too critical of the president, according to the Pew Research Center.

"There has been a notable rise over the past two years in the percentage who say the press is too critical of the Bush administration," the survey released Tuesday stated.

The report gives an example:

Many stories that appear to methodically build a case against Mr. Bush might not resonate with readers and viewers. "Iraq, Katrina, CIA leak, Harriet Miers. Things couldn't get any worse for Bush. But they just did," noted the Associated Press yesterday in an account of the Virginia governor's race, won by Democrat Timothy M. Kaine.

Virginia voters will laugh at this report - the previous Governor (a Democrat) imposed a massive tax increase last year that riled many voters. They expected the Republican candidate to commit to rolling it back. He didn't, so he lost.

I wonder what the journos will do when they get their pink slips?