Saturday, December 10, 2005

Shock News

In spite of the assurances of Condoleezza Rice and the Palestinian regime, the evacuation of Gaza has had one major result - it's made it easier for killers to tunnel into Israel. The Israelis will possibly adopt the counter-tunneling used in WW1, to the horror of the EU and UN.

Here's today's JPost:

For the first time since Israel's disengagement from the Gaza Strip this summer IDF forces uncovered an underground tunnel, apparently used to smuggle arms, near the Erez goods crossing Saturday afternoon, Army Radio reported.

The tunnel, which reached into Israeli territory, was dug under a garbage site in Beit Hanoun, and was reported to be a few dozen meters in length.The IDF said that it has lookouts in the area, but the tunnel was dug in an area out of the sight of soldiers.

Even though the tunnel was not completely finished IDF sources estimated that the tunnel was ready to have been used to carry out attacks inside Israel.

IDF sources said that the tunnel was found due to intelligence gathering, adding that information about the tunnel was handed over to the Palestinian Authority, but that it "did nothing about it."

Tunnels were routinely used in WW1 to destroy enemy emplacements by undermining them with very large explosions - this excellent book has a fictional but moving description of the horrors suffered by our soldiers in this underground war.

Israel is the world's leading aerial drone developer and could use similar technologies to build tunneling robots that destroyed tunnels and killed tunnelers. Wait for the howls of outrage from the EU and UN when an Israel tunnel wipes out a Palestinian installation in Gaza.