Sunday, December 04, 2005

Swiss Probity, Another Victim of UN Corruption:

After re-instating the only staffer fired for its part in the biggest fraud in history, and airbrushing out its peacekeepers' raping kids, the UN is firing a staffer for allegedly shouting at her subordinates. Annan is using a Swiss company to give this credibility, as his son did in his Oil For Food scam. This hurts Switzerland.

Secretary-General Kofi Annan has decided to fire the highly regarded chief of the U.N. office that promotes free elections around the world for harassing staff and management failures, a U.N. official said.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because an official announcement is not expected until Monday, said Carina Perelli was being dismissed from the United Nations.

Perelli, a Uruguayan, won wide praise for her work in helping organize elections in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Palestinian territories and had been considered one of the young rising stars at the United Nations.

But she had been under investigation since April, after a U.N.-commissioned management review quoted staff as saying "sexual innuendo is part of the `fabric"' of the Electoral Assistance Division which she headed.

The review never named Perelli or anyone else in her office in specific allegations of sexual or professional harassment. But it said staff claimed they were subject to shouting and screaming by superiors, while some junior staff were saddled with work they were not qualified to do.

The Swiss-based management consulting firm Mannet S.A.R.L., which conducted the review, said many staff members reported that they "suffered emotionally as a result of the director's behavior in the office environment."

Of course Perelli is is being fired for helping Iraqis, Afghans and Palestinians to conduct fair elections - this will not have pleased the UN's corrupt members and staffers.

A Swiss company paid Annan's son to get a lucrative slice of the Oil For Food scam. Now another Swiss company is giving credibility to a trumped-up charge which wouldn't stand up in any courtroom. Switzerland's reputation is yet another victim of Annan's corrupt touch.