Sunday, January 08, 2006

Merkel's Unseemly Begging Bowl

Merkel visits the president this week to ask if it's OK for Germany to use $2 billion in US Marshall Aid to help fix its deficit. He should explain that the money was to rebuild their nation after WW2 & now that's done the US wants any surplus back to grow freedom in the world.

A good use for it would be sister Aegis destroyers to join the USS Stethem, strengthening the anti-missile umbrella that keeps our fleets safe.

Reuters 1/7/06:

Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck wants to use €2.0 billion in funds Germany received from the United States under the post-war Marshall Plan to plug holes in the budget deficit, the Financial Times Deutschland reported yesterday.

The paper, without citing its sources, said Mr Steinbrueck hoped to transfer the funds in 2007 to help get the deficit below European Union limits next year, as foreseen in the new government's coalition programme.

The US embassy in Berlin is reported to have sent a letter to Germany's Foreign
Ministry last May saying Washington should have a say in any use of the funds.

The report comes a week before Angela Merkel is due to make her first visit to Washington since becoming Chancellor in November.

Unprecedented American (and British) generosity after WW2 gave Germans money to rebuild their economy. That's done, and Germans are now limited by their own meanness of spirit, not money, as demonstrated by Merkel's recent freeing of the terrorist who terribly tortured and murdered Robert Stethem.

Now we are fighting a new war to spread freedom in the world, and that's where our money should go - $2 billion invested to help create a free Iran will give a vastly better return than it would fed to ungrateful German welfare recipients.