Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Brit Justice - Conviction By Denunciation

Blair's government has adopted the Nazi/French practice of "denunciation" in which people are convicted by administrative fiat, without trial, judge, jury, or the chance to defend themselves. Brits have not protested this abrogation of centuries of common law, so deserve what will now happen to them.

The story starts out making sense and then morphs to reveal reveals a terrible injustice (my ellipsis and emphasis):
A registered sex offender was given clearance by Ruth Kelly, the Education Secretary, to work as a teacher at a school, it was disclosed yesterday.

He was only stopped at the last moment from starting as a PE (Physical Education) teacher at a comprehensive school when police, who had warned he could be a risk, protested to social services.

Wow, some screwup, what had this guy done?
Officers said he had been the subject of an investigation following allegations that he had accessed a pedophile website.

Allegations of pedophilia are the modern version of witch-naming, so what exactly was he convicted of?

The Department for Education launched an urgent review of its own vetting system last night after Mrs Kelly had originally decided there was insufficient evidence to ban the teacher from working with children... the Education Secretary is given the job of deciding whether people who have been accused of sex crimes but not convicted should be included on the list.

Mrs Kelly, on the advice of officials, took into account the teacher's denials and the fact that the police did not have sufficient evidence to prosecute him.

So the cops stigmatize a citizen as a sex offender and prevent them working with kids without evidence or trial. This man will never work as a teacher again, and he should sue the cops for defamation and loss of livelihood.

This mob rule arose from a recent tragedy in which two kids were killed by a man who was alleged to have committed prior crimes, but had never been convicted. Instead of toughening up prosecutions, Blair's team simply made an allegation equivalent to a conviction. It used the same logic to ban gun ownership by law-abiding Brits - any bad outcome justifies mass loss of liberty.

The Brits seem happy with this Nazi/French-style process. Until it's used on them, that is - wait for the first political opponents to be branded as pedophiles.