Thursday, January 05, 2006

Putting Viruses To Work

I'm recovering from what was IMHO "Advanced Bird Flu Pandemic", and Mrs G diagnosed as "A Nasty Cold, Dear".

Either way, it demonstrated the strengths and weaknesses of viral infections - they spread by contact (door handles, coins, etc), which is hard to avoid. But when the infected victims take to their sickbed, they're not out infecting people. So the question about bird flu is how long is the period between the victim becoming infectious and them being laid flat?

On an unrelated point, readers who become infected can put their sufferings to good use by dosing themselves up while the infection is at its peak and making courtesy calls on the local offices of the Associated Press. In the process shaking hands with as many perverts as possible, sliming door handles etc.

Here's an AP photo caption, hat tip
Um Nidal, mother of three Palestinian martyrs delivering a speech at a celebration at the 18th foundation anniversary of Palestinian militant group, Hamas, on Friday Dec.30, 2005, in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The AP calls a nutter who murdered 5 high school kids a martyr. God have mercy on their souls.