Thursday, January 26, 2006

They're Going To Need Those Tunnels

Palestinians’ election of Hamas - an organization committed to the destruction of the State of Israel and all its peoples - clarifies Israel’s relationship with the Palestine nation. It’s a state of war.

Until now, Israel has fought a Palestinian combination of the ballot box and the bomb, modeled on the successful IRA campaign. The Fatah government represented the ballot box (although, typically, it had its
Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades). And Hamas did the bombing.

Now Hamas has to combine these two roles:
Official election results came in Thursday, with Hamas picking up 76 seats in the 132-seat parliament and Fatah winning just 43.
So the next Hamas attack on Israel will be an act of war by the government of Palestine, and Israel can respond with the full force of modern weapons against the Palestinian state, in accordance with laws governing sovereign defense.

Not that that will stop Palestinians (and their Euro financiers) whining that Israel must give peace another chance. Here’s a supposedly moderate Palestinian who’s taken lessons on personal responsibility from the Mayor of New Orleans (my ellipsis):
He…believe(s) that Israel and the international community contributed to this backlash vote.

"Israel did not come to terms with the road map - it did not even reach Stage One. And the international community did not help the Palestinians create their own economic infrastructure. This contributed to the public's dissatisfaction with the Fatah.

(He) called on Israel to put a stop to unilateral disengagement and to negotiate directly with the newly-elected Palestinian government. He called on the European parties to help to normalize relations between Hamas and Israel.
So it’s Israel’s fault for building walls to keep these creeps from blowing them up, and the international community should pay Hamas to keep doing it. He doesn’t mention the agonizing withdrawal from Gaza, in which Israel ejected its own citizens from land they’d farmed for decades – that was yesterday!

Hamas might consider having their cabinet meetings in one of their arms-smuggling tunnels - it's going to be a hot 2006.