Saturday, January 07, 2006

This England

Now a semi-outsider to Brit culture, I can enjoy their eccentricities. Here are some examples.

Dress and Manners

A guy in line at a local store was wearing denim pants with crotch at knee level, skin tight black sweater, and an Iranian-thug style beard. His heavily gelled hair supported six 12 inch high masts, each carrying four red and blue decorations. He looked like a post-modern Christmas tree, and perhaps intended to. He reached out to nudge a passing female. "Ooh, hi Darren", she cooed, "didn't notice you there!".

The Out To Lunch Elite

Blair just legalized gay civil unions (oddly not giving single people living with and supporting elderly parents the same benefits) and has now allowed gay couples to adopt, ignoring the damage kids suffer without father and mother role models.

The new, dynamic, Tory opposition leader has announced:

"The right test of our policies is how they help the least well-off in our society".

I guess the tests of fairness, equity, effectiveness, legality, national interest and affordability will have to wait until the next administration but one.

Strikes Are Back

London Underground workers are striking for more annual vacation - they just rejected an offer of 10 weeks. Another reason to avoid the Underground.


Blair imposed on the state health service a 4 hour maximum time between arrival in A&E (ER)and discharge, with inevitable unintended consequences - a hospital is reported as hiding casualties in corridors, since the clock doesn't start until they check in to A&E.

"Ripped to pieces in a unique frenzy of Lib-Dem venom"

This is a headline about the Lib Dems, a small lefty party that is about as venomous as a dead sheep. If the Brits had proper treasonous American Dems, they'd see what true venom is! An exchange of Dems would be educational for both nations.

Stealth Taxes

Blair and his Finance minister (and rival) Brown are struggling for money as the economy tanks and tax revenues collapse. Raising direct tax rates will cut revenues further (Laffer Curve) so they're using increasingly ingenious tricks.

Here's one they use on London motorists, as told us by a furious taxi driver. In one day he'd been caught speeding twice - both cases a "temporary speed reduction" scheme was in place, marked by a single (but obscured) sign, and enforced by a specially calibrated speed camera. He was fined for driving at 27mph in a 30mph zone which had briefly been made 20mph; and again for doing 37mph in a 40mph zone that had been cut to 30mph. Two more fines and he loses his driver's license and his livelihood. London's cab drivers are the finest in the world.


We haven't met anybody who has a good word for the guy - he's seen as a corrupt, weak, deceitful appeaser. Can't imagine how that happened.

Institutional Incompetence

Wild boars are making an unspecified nuisance of themselves in Southern England, and here's what the farmers have done. Nothing.

The Chief Executive of the British Pig Association, said "We want the Government to act quickly to get rid of them".

Guys, why not just shoot 'em - farmers are allowed to have guns, right? Shoot the wild boars, I mean - the taxi drivers will take care of Blair and his government.


People are puzzled about one of the 7/7 killers:

A report in The Sun said that Shehzad Tanweer, 22, who detonated a bomb on the Underground at Aldgate station, killing eight people, had an estate valued at £121,000 net of taxes and debts.

Yet Tanweer, a British national of Pakistani descent, was a student until 2004 and worked for a few hours a week as an assistant in the fish and chip shop run by his father in Beeston, Leeds. Questions were being asked how he could possess assets of such value.

I can answer the questions. The perp was a Muslim terrorist, so will have been paid money by one of their terror sponsors - Iran, Saudis, or the EU - the better to kill and maim Brits. Now they know this, the Brit government has to confiscate the money from the killer's parents and give it to his victims. I bet they don't though.

In spite of all this, the Heritage Foundation reports the Brits as the most free major economy in the world, so they're doing something right.


Corrected Freedom House in the paragraph above to Heritage Foundation, and added link to their results.