Friday, February 17, 2006

Brit Professionals

Professionals who make untrue statements that result in innocent people being jailed should suffer consequences. Sadly for the Brits, their "old" professions don't work that way:
Sir Roy Meadow, whose evidence helped to send three innocent mothers to jail for killing their babies, today successfully appealed against being struck off the medical register.

Mr Justice Collins ruled that the General Medical Council's punishment against Sir Roy, 72, for giving erroneous evidence at the trial of Sally Clark was "unduly harsh".

The retired paediatrician who, over decades, has convinced courts that at least 81 infant deaths were murders, controversially told jurors that the chances of two cot deaths in a family were effectively one in 73 million - famously likening this to the probability of an 80-1 horse winning four consecutive Grand Nationals.
The probability is actually 1 in 77, but, hey, as the judge said:
Sir Roy...made a simple, honest mistake.

Visitors should be reassured that - outside of medicine and the law - most Brits professionals are competent.