Friday, February 10, 2006

DU Helps Brit Cops

We've been a tad critical of Brit cops of late - perhaps unfairly arguing that their priorities and methods are totally screwed. But then this story makes us think again...

Police baffled as missing water buffalo return

Six water buffalo that were missing and feared stolen have mysteriously reappeared in their field.

The animals, which can grow up to 1,800lb, were apparently rustled from
Lymington in the New Forest, Hampshire. They were discovered missing at 7am
yesterday but were back in their field this afternoon.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Police said: "They're back. We don't know where they have been or how they got back, it's a mystery."

Hmm, how do we solve this mystery? Absent GPS, it's hard to establish where these critters have been, but this photo & caption give us a clue why the rustlers decided not to hang on to them:

Water buffalo leave a trail of dung