Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Advances In Law Enforcement

London's terror-threatening toon-'testers are about to be busted - maybe.

Muslim protesters outside the Danish embassy in London on February 3 carried signs openly calling for murder and jihad, while British police did nothing but stand and watch.

No, that’s not quite true; the police did arrest two counter-demonstrators carrying pictures of the Danish Mohammed cartoons.

But now, 5 weeks later:

Yesterday the Metropolitan Police disclosed that the Crown Prosecution Service...had advised it that potential public order offences were committed.

Arrests, questioning and charges are now expected in the coming weeks in a number of cases said to run to "more than single figures".

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said last night: "During the demonstration on Feb 3 2006 the Met deployed specialist evidence gathers (sic). This material has been collated and examined by the investigation team.

The specialist evidence gatherers took photos of the masked demonstrators, and if you review the example below, you can guess Scotland Yard's new secret weapon.

Tablecloth recognition.