Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Katze Flu

There's more to this story than meets the eye:

Cat in Germany Contracts Bird Flu

The deadly strain of bird flu was confirmed Tuesday in a cat in northern Germany, the first time the virus has been identified in a mammal in the 25 nations of the European Union.

The cat was on the northern island of Ruegen, where most of the more than 100 wild birds infected by the H5N1 strain were found, the Friedrich Loeffler institute

The cat was found dead over the weekend and then tested positive for H5N1, laboratory leader Thomas Mettenleiter said.

Life's tough for German cats because the locals prize cat fur waistcoats as a cure for their arthritis. They particularly value ginger tabbies in this role - but if that's not available, if it purrs, it's furs.

I'm guessing the poor creature escaped from a Katzebauernhof and holed up on the island, living an idyllic life munching its way through the wild birds.

Then this has to happen - isn't life a tom/bitch?