Monday, April 24, 2006

$10 Gas Will Be Good!

The head of OPEC says oil prices will fall if everybody becomes calm. But the Mullahs are nutters, and won't, so will go on threatening Israel and tankers in the Gulf. The good news is that escalating oil prices will trigger a switch to nuclear, de-fanging our enemies.

Gas prices are
way up:

Retail gas prices across the country jumped an average of nearly a quarter per gallon in the past two weeks, according to a survey released Sunday.

Self-serve regular averaged $2.91 a gallon, up from $2.67 two weeks ago...

Crude-oil prices hit a new record Friday, fueled by concerns about Iran's nuclear ambitions and tight U.S. gasoline supplies.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries president said the solution to high prices lies in a calmer international environment and boosting refining capacity — not increasing output which would only clog the market.

"If we do the right things by lowering international tensions, oil prices will definitely stabilize," (he) said...

International tensions won't fall unless the Mullahs back down, which is unlikely given their addiction to violence. So leaving them - as seems likely at the moment - will merely convince them that their threats have no consequences & so they'll start translating them into actions.

Then we're looking at $10 a gallon, and a crash nuclear power program across the civilized world.

When that's done, we can get on with our lives, leaving the fear states of Islam, Russia and Venezuela to sink to their natural levels.

It'll be a bumpy ride, but worth it.