Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Illegal Immigration Train Wreck

The president's proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants has seriously backfired on him, the GOP and the illegals - hat tip Power Line.

GOP meltdown:
The latest Rasmussen Reports national opinion survey finds that 44% of Americans say they would vote for a Democrat if the Presidential Election were held today. Just 32% would vote for a Republican.

The survey also asked respondents how they would vote if "a third party candidate ran in 2008 and promised to build a barrier along the Mexican border and make enforcement of immigration law his top priority."

With that option, support fell sharply for both major parties. The Democrats still come out on top with support from 31% of Americans. The third party candidate moved into a virtual tie at 30% while the GOP fell to 21%.

A "stop illegal immigration" slate could win in 2008 because this is what Americans think (my ellipsis and emphasis):
66% (of polled Americans) believe it doesn't make sense to debate new immigration laws until we can first control our borders and enforce existing laws. Just 21% disagree with that approach.

In our survey, we informed respondents that there are 11 million illegal aliens living in the United States and that more than half have lived here for more than five years. Upon hearing those facts, 40% favored forcibly requiring all 11 million to leave the United States. Just 44% are opposed to a forcible removal of illegal aliens.
So now illegals are scared:
Rumors of immigration roundups have prompted thousands of illegal immigrants
to stay home this week and are making some afraid to participate in a national immigration protest planned for Monday.

Though federal immigration officials said they were unfounded, rumors of random
were rampant from coast to coast Friday, prompting thousands of immigrants to stay home from work, take their children out of school and avoid church.

The absences caused the rumors to build, as some thought their missing friends and co-workers had been arrested.
The president is a brave and honest man - big enough to admit that he's misread the American people, and back down. He should do that quickly, else we get Hillary in 2008.