Friday, May 19, 2006

Alas Poor Italy

In my experience, most Italians are steadfast and straightforward. Unfortunately for them - and us - they've elected a Prime Minister who has neither of these qualities.

Romano Prodi supports fighting terror, announcing:
...he would “consolidate and enrich” Italy’s relations with Washington, and remain “on the front line” against terrorism.
Provided that doesn't involve fighting!
..vowing to bring home the country’s 3,000 troops from Iraq and calling the war there “a grave error”.
Prodi is expert at such cognitive dissonance. When Aldo Moria - a previous Prime Minister - was kidnapped and murdered, Prodi was amazingly well-informed of his whereabouts (my ellipsis):
Prodi has told a parliamentary hearing into Moro's murder that he had taken part in a seance for fun with some of his academic colleagues.

To the surprise of everyone, the spirit of a dead Christian Democrat politician began speaking to them through the ouija board. They asked where Moro was being held. He spelt out a number of place names, and then the word "Gradoli".

Prodi said no-one understood what that meant, but his friends found that it was actually an Italian village (sic) near Rome. Word of the seance soon reached police ears and within a week hordes of police descended on Gradoli, but found nothing.

In fact, Moro was being held as a prisoner in a block of flats in a street called Via Gradoli, in Rome.

Almost two months after his kidnapping, Moro was shot dead. Police subsequently discovered where the Red Brigades had hidden him and pressure was put on Prodi, a devout Roman Catholic, to reveal the truth behind the seance.

He has always stood by his version of events.

If you don't believe in ghosts, this guy is complicit in kidnapping and maybe murder. With him in charge, Italy is in for a rough time - during which it will not be our ally.