Wednesday, May 10, 2006

History Repeats

The UN is, literally, history.

This corrupt organization is tracking the demise of its predecessor, the League of Nations.

Like the League, the UN gives equal air time to fear states - its new Human Rights council includes:
Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Bahrain...Pakistan...(and) China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Cuba...
Still, to cure the world's ills, it endorses responsible investment:
The voluntary guidelines encourage investors to seek disclosures from companies about whether their policies encourage socially responsible behavior among employees and management.

"With only rare exceptions, the financial community has not sufficiently recognized or rewarded corporate efforts to respond to environmental, labor or human rights challenges, even though such factors can be directly material to corporate performance," U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said when he announced the guidelines late last month.
Of course it's powerless to prevent a nuclear war which will kill hundreds of millions:
Russia and China are against a resolution that would require Iran to halt its enrichment, arguing that could be the first step down the road to authorising
military action - a point strongly denied by the European drafters of the resolution.
This is the point where its predecessor died:
On June 23 1936, in the wake of the collapse of League efforts to restrain Italy's war of conquest against Abyssinia, British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin told the House of Commons that collective security "failed ultimately because of the reluctance of nearly all the nations in Europe to proceed to what I might call military sanctions.... [T]he real reason, or the main reason, was that we discovered in the process of weeks that there was no country except the aggressor country which was ready for war....