Thursday, May 18, 2006

One Of Those Days

On returning from London yesterday my laptop locked up & needs its (London based) W2K install disk. Still, being forced to use a Mac while losing access to all one's files, bookmarks, emails, calendars and contacts is liberating!

The problem is likely a Firefox extension - Filterset.g Update for Adblock - Firefox users be warned.

I'm not back in London for 3 weeks & in the interim have moved to a Mac Mini I'm using to evaluate a switch to Apple. After not using a Mac for 15 years, this is like moving from a democracy to Singapore - things are cleaner and neater but there's a lot you can't do.

The cleaner and neater part is nice packaging, cute graphics, painless wireless connection, and a very good implementation of MS Office.

The downside includes:

- A horrible navigation experience - the (wireless) mouse has no scroll wheel, and right clicking requires Ctrl/click, twice the effort.

- Intel Macs have 3 layers of DVD region code protection (hardware, firmware, software) so you can only play disks from one region (the French VLC workaround doesn't work). So unless you live in a pre-globalized world, Macs are useless as media players.

- The free apps are flimsy - iPhoto image editing is worse even than Paint’s, and the Safari browser has no tabs!

- The latter is a shame, because Firefox is very unstable on the Mac, crashing unrecoverably every 30 minutes. We'll see if Opera holds up better.

Three weeks is a long time, so I'll probably get Stockholm Syndrome & end up a Mac zealot...