Saturday, June 10, 2006

The BBC's Alternate Universe

We flew in to London last night from the Southern Med, looking for cooler weather. Turned out the weather is hotter here, and we had to suffer a BBC “news” bulletin on the Heathrow Express into the city.

The BBC described the Hamas terror chief just whacked Thursday by the IDF as “a Senior Palestinian Security Official”, conjuring up a picture of a gray-haired type, neatly attired in blazer and slacks, making sure there are enough metal detectors at Arafat International. So the (admittedly diminishing) number of Brits relying on the BBC for the truth will never know this:
Jamal Abu Samhadana, a high-ranking officer at the interior ministry, died in an air strike against a militants' camp in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Israel insisted that the camp, not Samhadana, was the target. Three other people were also killed.

The camp was run by the Popular Resistance Committees, a militia group. Samhadana was one of its leaders and the group, which has fired rockets into Israel, was suspected of involvement in a bomb attack on a US convoy in Gaza in 2003 that left three Americans dead.

A spokesman for the PRC vowed revenge with more rockets and suicide bombings. Samhadana was Number Two on Israel's wanted list and had survived previous attempts on his life. He had been granted an important security portfolio by Hamas.
Firing rockets at Israeli civilians is a messy business, so I bet he never wore a blazer.