Friday, June 09, 2006

Great Job!

The administration has secured an important oil pipeline that walls off Iran and its putative (Putintive?) ally, Russia. Europe's ruling elite is expected to be secretly appreciative.

The story, my emphasis:
Washington scored a significant victory in its contest with Moscow for influence in Central Asia yesterday when Kazakhstan agreed to start pumping oil to the West through a British Petroleum pipeline that bypasses Russia and Iran.

The deal, secured largely because of a personal visit to Kazakhstan last month by Dick Cheney, the United States vice-president, will infuriate the Kremlin.

But there will be secret relief in European capitals, where there is growing concern over Russia's apparent willingness to use its vast energy supplies as a political weapon.

The deal will give the West greater access to the vast oil fields of the Caspian Sea - estimated to hold the world's third-largest reserves - and ease its growing dependence on energy from Russia and the Middle East.
If - heaven forefend! - the US has to take down the Mullahs and their nukes, this greatly reduces their capacity to harm our economies.