Friday, June 02, 2006

How We Fight

The US military historian General SLA Marshall said 'the battlefield is a place of terror'. Our soldiers overcome their terror with bonds of comradeship but the battlefield remains a horror, and those who apply civilian standards to it are fools or knaves.

Marshall also said:
'Whenever one surveys the forces of the battlefield it is to see that fear is general among men, but to observe further that that men are commonly loath that their fear will be expressed in specific acts which their comrades will recognize as cowardice.
Today, our volunteer soldiers use their comradeship to function rationally on the battlefield.

The US in particular has created fighting units that combine enormous energy, competence, aggression and humanity. They're much less likely to inflict the slaughter of non-combatants common to past wars.

Here’s a WW2 example from John Keegan:
He led his troops at full tilt into the Germans and they killed those who delayed their surrender with the traditional comment, ‘Too late, chum’.
Until quite recently, we routinely slaughtered allied civilians in combat zones – for example in the massive RAF raids that devastated the French city of Caen to enable the breakout from the Normandy beaches. Or the Korean civilians killed by both sides.

Now the Reuters Stalkers, AP Snuff Artists and their European cronies seek to apply civilian values to the US Marines defending their comrades on the battlefield of Haditha.

The MSM hates America and seeks to harm it, but this man should not:
General George Casey, the top US commander in Iraq, called for the emergency tutorials in “warrior values” after leaks from the al-Haditha investigation suggested that US Marines went on a shooting rampage in the western Iraqi town after one of their men was killed by a roadside bomb in November.
The "warrior values" of the formidable US Marine Corps rest directly on its ties of comradeship. General Casey needs the tutorial - on leadership.