Sunday, June 04, 2006

The London Times Slimes America

Once relentlessly accurate and highbrow, the London Times has degenerated into a dishonest anti-American tabloid.

I stopped reading it years back when it published a photo of Marilyn Monroe on the autopsy table 2 weeks after death, with a caption sneering that she was no longer beautiful.

The managers & writers may have changed since then, but the bias against decency and truth remains. After the 7/7 bombings, it spent weeks publishing leaks and smears to undermine London’s cops struggling to contain Islamic terror.

It’s always been anti-American, in a whiney sort of way, but now it scents blood and is in full cry, regardless of the facts - as exposed by Michelle Malkin.

Last Thursday it published as part of an "expose" of US war crimes in Haditha a grim picture of the murdered Iraqis captioned:
Victims in al- Haditha. The US is carrying out two enquiries. (AP)
But the Times lied – the AP caption actually read:
"Insurgents in Haditha executed 19 Shiite fishermen and National Guardsmen in a sports stadium."
After the blogoshere picked up on the lie, the Times removed the photo, giving this explanation:
The Times June 01, 2006

'Massacre Marines blinded by hate'
From Tim Reid in Washington

Corporal claims that his comrades, who were accused of killing Iraqi civilians, lost control

[Note: This story originally appeared with a picture whose caption erroneously described the scene as of the alleged incidents in al-Haditha. The image was in fact from a separate incident involving Iraqi insurgents]
The Times is still deceiving – “involving Iraqi insurgents” implies the picture is of "Iraqi insurgents" executed by Americans. An honest correction would have apologized for the original lie and explained the victims were innocent Iraqis from Haditha murdered by terrorists. But I guess that wouldn't have played well with the "Evil US" story.

The Times stepped up the pressure. Its online front page yesterday headlined this:
Tales of US dishonour
This Memorial Day week has been overshadowed with stories of the massacre at al-Haditha, which if proven, will impact on a scarred military
Third claim of atrocity rocks servicemen
Today, it has two stories:

From their Washington journo:
Focus: America's shame
The elite of the US army, the marines, stand accused of butchering 24 Iraqi civilians including women and children. If proved, the massacre could change the course of the war in Iraq. Sarah Baxter reports from Washington

As his stomach churned, Roel Briones mechanically clicked the button on his digital camera. With every shot, he felt his humanity was being tested. The dead, he said, “ranged from from little babies to adult males and females.
Sounds pretty grim, unless you soldier on to Page 3 of this 4-page diatribe, which admits:
...Briones claims to have erased his photographs…
So what's left is hearsay. Some story.

The Times backs up this nonsense by playing the Abu Ghraib card:
The horrors really are your America, Mr Bush
Andrew Sullivan

‘This is not America.” Those words were President George W Bush’s attempt to explain the horrors of Abu Ghraib prison on the Arabic-language network Alhurra in 2004. He spoke the words as if they were an empirical matter, but a cognitive dissonance could be sensed through them.

If the men and women who tortured and abused and murdered at Abu Ghraib did not represent America, what did they represent? They wore the uniforms of the United States military.
No Andy, the abusers (not torturers) did not represent America, that's why they’re now in jail.

Fortunately, the circulation of the Times is declining relative to the market leader - the Telegraph - which is honest.