Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Megan’s Law For The MSM

Americans and Brits will probably die because of the NYT’s exposure of our defenses against terror. Terrorists now know to avoid the communications channels and funds transfers we watch. Here’s how we can protect ourselves against the MSM without undermining civil liberties.

But first, why does the MSM do it? Their proximate goal is to get Dems elected, but how can decent people facilitate mass murder of their fellows? My guess is that the MSM is home to a large cluster of sociopaths (my ellipsis and emphasis):
Approximately 3% of men and 1% of women are thought to have some form of antisocial personality disorder…(they) lack…empathy for the suffering of others, since they cannot experience emotion associated with either empathy or suffering.

A common misconception is that many of the individuals diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder can be found in prisons. It should be noted that criminal activity does not automatically warrant a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, nor does a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder imply that a person is a criminal. It is hypothesized that many high achievers exhibit antisocial personality disorder characteristics.
So where do high-achieving sociopaths work? They don’t want to risk jail, so will gravitate to professions where they can exercise power without sanction. And - courtesy the First Amendment and English Common Law - the MSM is the perfect place to hide.

This would explain why reporters working in the middle of a city still coated with the ashes of 2,000 innocents provide our enemies with the means to kill more of their fellow citizens.

The good news is that we know how to deal with extreme anti-social behavior, from the success of Megan’s Law in controlling pedophiles:
The law, introduced in 1996, was named after Megan Kanka, seven, who was lured into the house of a repeat sex offender on the promise of seeing a puppy. She was raped and her head smashed against a dresser before she was driven away, sexually assaulted again and strangled. Her body was dumped in a park.
This perpetrator committed suicide, but most don’t & many go on to re-offend, so here’s how America protects its kids:
Like 540,000 other registered sex offenders across America, on his release from jail he became subject to a version of "Megan's Law", requiring that the public be kept informed of his whereabouts.
The law seems to have worked well, and there have been few vigilante killings.

The MSM needs a Megan’s Law because many of its readers don’t realize how polluted their news has become. In the US, even Fox News runs egregiously dishonest stories from AP. The BBC and Reuters routinely deceive Brits, and Europeans I know think the International Herald Tribune is the authentic voice of America, unaware that it’s a front for the NYT.

A Megan’s Law for the MSM would inform readers of the credentials of each news channel, and leave them to make their own decisions on whether to trust it. Our governments can do this by putting online a list of every publication that declines their request not to publish security-sensitive material, with statements from both parties. Press freedom would not be abridged – the NYT could still publish whatever it wanted. But now readers would know it was broadcasting information that prejudiced their own and their nation’s security.

The president and Tony Blair can implement this through administrative action right now. Later, House and Parliamentary resolutions can be passed to block legal counter measures by the sociopaths.