Thursday, July 20, 2006

Helpful Hints For EU Peacekeepers

The EU is weighing deploying peacekeepers, ostensibly to stop Hezbollah and Hamas attacking Israel, and here are DU's suggestions on the force mix they'll need.
The European Union today said it was weighing the deployment of a peacekeeping force to Lebanon to help end fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas.

“It could be that the European Union – or the United Nations – might have a peacekeeping role,” said Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomoija, whose country now holds the EU presidency.

He echoed comments by British Prime Minister Tony Blair who earlier in the day said the “only way” to stop the fighting was to deploy peacekeepers in southern Lebanon to stop Hezbollah fighters from firing rockets into Israel.
Civilian Protection Warheads

All EU weapons will need special sensors that detect the presence of a kindergarten class - such as the one shown below (I think AP, Reuters, or AFP) - and prevent any possible harm to such targets, or their parents or indeed anyone not wearing full-dress Hezbollah or Hamas uniform.


About 1,000,000 would do the trick - assuming the EU expeditionary force is about 20% more effective than the available Israeli forces. Of course if Hezbollah and Hamas continue to kill and kidnap Israelis, you'll need to double that to 2,000,000 (and to double all the stuff listed below), to keep the annoyed Israelis at bay.

Space Assets

You'll need the usual mix of imaging and radar surveillance satellites to track down those pesky terrorists. If you ask EADS politely, they might fly these birds in 2020.

Air Force

This will need to be 300 planes of F15I & F16I quality, and will need a tough training program to get your pilots to the best-in-the world Israeli quality. The Eurofighter should be fine, provided the bad guys don't notice its barn-door radar cross section and you can get its radar and missiles to work.

You'll also need 100 plus Apache attack helicopters, 100 troop carrying choppers, plenty of transport planes (Finnair is not an option), a couple of Airborne Early Warning planes, 40 Electronic Intelligence platforms, 20 air tankers, and over 2,000 state-of-the-art drones. I think somebody in Brussels just issued an RFQ for all of these.


This needs to be 13 missile boats and 50 patrol boats, all with full antimissile defenses. In case things go wrong, you'll need a Rapid Withdrawal Fleet - the French will have this.

Ground Weapons Systems

4,000 Main Battle Tanks should be sufficient, provided they're supported by the Apaches and there are 11,000 APCs for your troops. Plus the usual artillery - 500 towed, 600 self-propelled, and 200 or so multiple rocket launchers. And plenty of state-of-the-art anti-air and anti-tank missiles.

Air Weapons Systems

You'll need about 500 LITENING pods to enable EUAF planes to loiter over the battlefield, spot missile launches & take out the launchers. Plus all the usual precision air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons to deal with Hezbollah, Hamas and the militant wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (but remember - only if they're wearing uniforms!). I think a bloke in Siemens is working on all this.

Couragous And Disciplined Troops

This will be hard for the conscript armies of Europe (I'm assuming the Brits will be otherwise engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan). But, heh, if Israeli kids can fight, why not Europeans!